Radiant Woman Podcast

Self empowerment, freedom, and loving who you are through art with Kristen Girard

June 10, 2022 Tarisha Tourok Season 1 Episode 9
Radiant Woman Podcast
Self empowerment, freedom, and loving who you are through art with Kristen Girard
Show Notes

This episode I’m talking to Kristen Girard is a Luminary Artist, Healing Guide, and Speaker who through her art and story helps you see the joy, wonder, and beauty of who you are. 

She specializes in creating Higher Self Portraits and Astrological Portraits. 

We talked about:

* Why seeing yourself with clarity and love is an act of self empowerment and the path to true freedom.

* How and why chronic health challenges, trauma, and physical injury can disrupt our ability to see the light within ourselves. 

* How a shift in perspective can turn the crucibles of life from a place where you loose your sense of self into transformative gateways that uncover who you are really here to be.

* How Higher Self Portraits that are talismans that help women remember and see their radiance everyday. These unique painted portraits help women gain their confidence in all realms of life. 

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