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Attract your dream partner without using dating apps with Bethany Ann

June 21, 2022 Tarisha Tourok Season 1 Episode 10
Radiant Woman Podcast
Attract your dream partner without using dating apps with Bethany Ann
Show Notes

In this episode I talk to Bethany Ann about how to attract a partner and create the relationship we really want. 

Bethany shares her process of 3 As: Awareness, Abundance & Attraction.

We talk about how to prepare yourself for a fulfilling relationship and the specific steps you need to take to attract the partner you want. Bethany shares how to resonate on the same frequency as your desired partner so you get drawn to each other.

We also talked about: 

  • the importance of clearing past negative experiences from our bodies so that we start living and loving fully
  • the good men club
  • shifting your focus
  • stepping away from lack into abundance
  • getting laser clear on what you want
  • how to start seeing good men around you

Say Yes to life!

About Bethany Ann:
Bethany Ann is a love and relationship coach who specializes in helping women attract their dream partner without using dating apps so they can lead more joyful and empowered lives. Working with divorced moms is her passion. She is on a mission to empower women and raise human consciousness through love. 



Positive affirmations:


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