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The pleasure is yours! How to be empowered by making choices and healing your inner child with Petra Rakebrandt

June 29, 2022 Season 1 Episode 11
Radiant Woman Podcast
The pleasure is yours! How to be empowered by making choices and healing your inner child with Petra Rakebrandt
Show Notes

This episode I talk to Petra Rakebrandt about making choices that honour you and bring your beauty and gifts to life.

If you feel something is off in your life and you don’t know what to do next, listen to this episode. Petra is a role model for making choices that support our wellbeing. 

We talked about:

  1. How to make a choice that matters
  2. The importance of the inner child healing so that you feel empowered and in charge of your life
  3.  A beautiful mediation at the end to connect us to our heart and beauty inside

About Petra:
Petra Rakebrandt likes to think of herself as an Energy Artist, someone who uses many different tools to help others to paint a beautiful new version of their life; one filled with color, vibrancy and joy. She specialises in coaching women who feel lost & disconnected.

When she thinks back to how she felt in the corporate world in her birth country of Germany, and her life as an engineer and managing director, she remembers how cold she felt.

It was as if she’d become frozen; too scared to be who she really wanted to be.

After years of unhappiness and chronic pain and diseases, topped with a burnout, she made the decision to change life.

Ever since the day she left everything behind and bought a one-way ticket to the Caribbean, she has felt warm in every cell of her body. This warmth has given her the opportunity to heal many of her old wounds and from that place of healing and love flows a beautiful new energy and healing power that she now channels into her work and art around the world.

She is qualified and experienced in a diverse range of practical skills including yoga, pilates and meditation, business and life coaching, health and nutrition (certified with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition). These are enriched by her passion for holistic therapies and include certification as Reiki Master, ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Polarity Therapy, Pain Management, Erickson Hypnosis, Psychology, Pain Management and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Her unique set of skills and natural, intuitive gifts ensure that when working together you feel safe, supported, motivated and inspired at all times on your journey to mind, body and soul healing and transformation to create contentment and tapping into your life purpose. Multidimensional health is key for creating your best life.

If you would like to learn more about Petras transformation, you can read her published book “Yin is the new black-how to get rid of imbalances in life”, available on amazon.



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