Sexually Empowered Radiant Women

Cultivating Authintimacy through Midlife Dating Apps with Paul Travis

July 06, 2022 Tarisha Tourok Season 1 Episode 12
Sexually Empowered Radiant Women
Cultivating Authintimacy through Midlife Dating Apps with Paul Travis
Show Notes

Listen to this episode to learn how to create authentic intimacy through dating by incrementally getting to know someone and opening up safely.

We’ve discussed what to do if you want be in a relationship or improve your relationship.

“If you want to move, start packing.” How to stop wanting and longing, and instead get into action to create what you’ve always wanted.

I've also asked Paul “What do women need to know to improve their relationship with dear men in their life”.  

Listen to this episode to get the answer!

About Paul

Paul’s commitment to making dating joyful, respectful, expansive and consensual comes from extensive training in interpersonal relations — from Nonviolent Communication to the Wheel of Consent, from Landmark Education to Human Awareness International, from Body Electric to ISTA/Tantra. For years, Paul co-facilitated the Seattle Men’s Wisdom Council, working with hundreds of men every month. 

In the years since his divorce, he has dated dozens of women – mostly first dates which didn’t yield sufficient chemistry to go further, yet helped him create the Authintimacy technique he now teaches that manifested 3 amazing, multi-year relationships.

Paul initially studied computer science and was a Type A personality.  Over the years, however, he learned and applied emotional intelligence to his personal relationships which changed how he connected for the better – notably in dating and love! After a business career including roles as Marketing VP for a publicly traded software company and President of the Institute of Management Consultants [Seattle Chapter] Paul chose to refocus his energies and start Pandemic.Love in 2021.

Your host:

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