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Unleashing your Authentic Feminine Voice for Power, Impact & Pleasure with Bea Palya

July 09, 2022 Season 1 Episode 13
Radiant Woman Podcast
Unleashing your Authentic Feminine Voice for Power, Impact & Pleasure with Bea Palya
Show Notes

What an amazing talk I had with Bea Palya, a famous Hungarian singer-songwriter-coach-teacher!

That was a pure delight and pleasure. If you listen to just one episode, this needs to be it. 

We talked about:

  • Why singing and sexuality are deeply connected? 
  • Why singing is a great tool to help women to vocalize their authentic self? 
  • What does it mean that sound is always connection (to ourselves and to others)? 
  • Why vocal exercises and singing can lead us to a deep embodiment practice, with a strong healing potential? 
  • What does it mean, talk and sing from our vagina, and why did I write Vagina-songs? 

Bea helps professional women to infuse their voice with authentic power and energy to create the impact they want. 

After a 3 decades-long performing carrier, with highlights like singing in Carnegie Hall, now Bea helps women to infuse their voice with true power and energy, to connect their body with their voice. So when they speak with their full voice, it commands attention and respect  - and people truly listen.


If you want to work with Bea on your voice, please write an email to info@palyabea.hu for the upcoming course dates, or book a Discovery call here: 


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Listen to her music:
Palya Bea: Igen
Palya Bea: Hazatalálok én - hivatalos videóklip

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