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Change your eating habits overnight and other magic tricks with Lorraine Maguire

December 23, 2021 Tarisha Tourok Season 1 Episode 5
Radiant Woman Podcast
Change your eating habits overnight and other magic tricks with Lorraine Maguire
Show Notes
  1. What is the root of women’s challenges as it comes to body image & self-love?
  2. Inside & outside - how I feel inside & how I present myself to the world.
  3. The magic of rapid transformational therapy that can shift your lived experience in just 1 to 3 sessions. Everyone needs one!

That's some of the topics we discussed with inspiring Lorrain Maguire. 

Lorraine Maguire has overcome many personal challenges in her life and is now on a mission to help other people rise above the beliefs that are holding them back and empower them to transform their lives. 

Lorraine has struggled with alcoholism, overeating & excess weight, self-confidence and anxiety. She would “fake it to make it” by appearing to be confident, but inside she suffered low self-esteem. Lorraine was single for 11 years and had no confidence in her body but now she’s in the most loving intimate relationship of her life and loving it. She even runs intimacy workshops for women. 

She is helping others transform their lives through her work as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and motivational speaker. 

Lorraine Maguire Cl.Hyp, ARTT

Rapid Transformational Therapist 




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